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Hello, Goodbye

It’s the end of August. First, congrats on still being alive! Yay for not dying even though the chances increase every day!

I’m inclined to do a review of the past month, but I’d rather be more creative than that. At least I included a semi-relevant Beatles song. I get points for that, right?

Note to self: Check on the points situation.

How about I share two “three things” lists? One will be Favourite Moments of August 2017, the other is Stuff that I’m Looking Forward to in September 2017. Sound good? Let’s do it!

Favourite Moments of August 2017

Recovering from Illness

The highlight of the month was feeling well enough to finally get out of bed and feel like a normal person again. Hands down top moment of the month! It’s nice to be in bed, and I really love to sleep, but I also like doing stuff. I will say that getting sick this time did lead to some good things as to treatment for my Crohn’s, I learned a lot in the process. That’s always a good thing and I’m thankful that good came out of the experience.

Watching Sharknado 5

This is a dorky one, but it’s a goodie! The Sharknado series is horrible, but that’s what makes it so good. And to be watching it in a room full of other nerds/geeks just made this a really great moment in my mind. The shared laughs, the surprise guest stars, the gelato… overall a really fun time!

Hiking Grouse Grind

I got to hike the grind three or four times this month, and each time I decreased the amount of time it took me. Sure, hiking the grind in less than 52 minutes was killer and maybe I should’ve taken a slower pace, but it was satisfying! Plus there’s food at the top. And who doesn’t love food after an intense hike to the top of a mountain, amirite?

Those Darn Little Donuts

I was only gonna list the top three moments, but this deserves to be included. The Fair at the PNE is happening right now, and one of the big draws are those little mini sugar-coated donuts. It was the main reason I went with my sister. That, and to watch the light show and some musical performances. Yay for the fair! Yay for little donuts!

Note to self: Get more of those little round pieces of heaven.

Upcoming Highlights of September 2017

Visit with a Good Friend

One of my closest and bestest friends is coming up from the US to visit Vancouver for the first time. She’s actually going to arrive tomorrow sometime! We have big plans for the long weekend, and it’s composed of mostly hiking, sight-seeing, and camping. It’s gonna be so fun!

New TV Shows

Besides being closer to the release of Psych: The Movie, we’re drawing ever closer to a new season of TV shows. Being a geeky person, there’s a lot of shows that I follow, but few are more meaningful to me than Star Trek. And while it may have its flaws, we’re getting a new installment in that universe. On top of that, Seth McFarlane has created a show in the style of The Next Generation series called The Orville. I’m looking forward to watching both and a few other shows.

Medical Scans and Such

Back a few weeks ago, I got a new GI specialist. This is the first time that I’ll be able to work with a specialist long-term, since up until now I’ve been dealing with a different specialist each time I saw one. I’ve already been scheduled for a battery of tests, scans, and other medical stuffs, and a good number of them are happening in this coming month. It’s not gonna be very fun, but I’ll make it fun, damn it!

There you have it. Two lists of highlights. They are by no means complete; there’s been so many highlights and meaningful moments. It’s been a great month!

What awesome thing have you seen or done this past month? Tell me in the comments!

That’s it for now. See you next month, friends!







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  1. poulet frit Avatar
    poulet frit

    Awesome thing I saw/did this month: Annabelle Creation. (And late night conversations with friends. And video chatting with one of my best friends.)

    1. Josiah the Carrot Stick Avatar
      Josiah the Carrot Stick

      I didn’t video chat with anybody! Aren’t you proud of me? Unless I talked to my brother. I think that was July, though.

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