Flying the Coop

Another chapter, a new adventure…

Corn is everywhere.

My sister recommended this vegan restaurant called MeeT and tonight I got to eat there. It has amazing food! I had a dish called the “mucho something or other”… I don’t recall the actual name. I know it had something about mucho or macho, though. Itwas essentially a big fancy veggie burger; it was so good!

However, I soon discovered that there was corn in the veggie Patty. Something that I really, really need to avoid. Unfortunately, corn is everywhere and it’s in food that you don’t necessarily expect. So, even though I already knew this fact, and I usually do ask about corn in things like veggie patties, this is a good reminder that I have to be careful with food. Especially restaurant food.

I was thinking about talking about acceptance and regret, but it’s too late to think and write about serious topics like that. Maybe tomorrow.








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