Look up.

Look up. Look up and see.

There’s something missing. Something is gone.

But look up. Look up anyway.

It’s not there. But something else is.

Don’t look down. Look up.

You’re gonna miss it. There’s something new.

Lift your head. You need to look.

You miss what was there. But you’ll miss everything.

So look up. Look up and see what’s there now.


I have toes.

Guess what!! I have toes on both of my feet. I know, I know, it sounds completely ridiculous. But trust me! I have toes. Ten of them in total, which I’ve found to be a good number. Not too many, and not too few.

I even wrote a short poem inspired by my toes!

On the ends of my feet,
I have ten toes.

On the front of my face,
I keep a nose.

Dance around,
Wiggle my bum.

Count to ten,
And now I’m done.



Haiku, can you?

Today I have decided to write some haiku for you. Yes, this is written especially for you! You’re welcome.

Haiku is a beautiful and complex form of artistic expression. The intention with this form of poetry is to express a vivid word picture highlighting a juxtaposition of elements using 17 syllables. I will be writing whatever comes to my mind.


The colour of joy
A banana that is ripe
Snow covered in pee


Floating in the sky
Falling over a cliffside
Filling a toilet


Raindrops from above
Hail hitting me on the head
Darn, another list


Coloured by iron
Always pumping through your veins
A snack for vampires


Haiku is a word
It could also be used to
greet someone named Ku